Stress Overwhelm: Overcome what keeps you from reaching your goals in life

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Stress wreaks havoc on your life goals. Even when we strive our hardest to achieve our goals, stress lingers around and waits at every turn to defeat you.


Sometimes our drive to achieve our goals causes stress and worry…..and we are just not down for all that!


Here’s what we do to overcome the stress overwhelm of getting started on our goals.


First, if you are feeling stress right now – don’t worry. You’ve got this! If you aren’t, then consider yourself ahead of the game!


You know what you are striving for, right? Perfect! Game on! And if you don’t, no worries – Game Still On!


If you do know your goals – Have you figured out what you need in order to achieve it? Are you doing everything you can to achieve it? If you find yourself worrying, this is article perfect for you! We’re going to put your worry-thoughts to paper and figure this thing out!


And if you don’t know what your goal(s) are, don’t worrying about it so you’re still in the right place!


First, grab a notebook – this one is awesome right here!


Then, write down your thoughts, stress, and worries about your goal. Stress dump! Make certain to get it all out!


Leave your stress and worries on the paper and try to not think about them overnight.


Now breathe for a slow and intentional 5 breaths. Breathing in……(breathe in for a count of 5)….and breathing out (breathe out for a count of 5). Now repeat 4 more times.


Now go get some overdue restful sleep!


Tomorrow or sometime in the next couple of days, take a peek at the stress and worry-thoughts that you wrote down. Look at the words with a fresh pair of eyes and a rejuvenated mind. Read them as if you were reading another person’s stress and worries.


Next, make a list of all the things you can control and make note of the things that you cannot control. Try to do a side by side comparison.


Now, look at the stress and worries and create workarounds for those hurdles. For instance, if transportation is an issue, then think about how you may get a ride, public transport, or Uber. Be creative in your work-a-rounds and include people that may be able to help you.


This exercise will help you find new paths to your goal success. Now breathe again.


In this moment, you are attending to your goals intelligently and with concerted effort. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel joy! Like pistachio gelato! Mmm, gelato….


If you don’t have a clear idea of what your goal is, write down some ideas for things or situations that you believe will bring about the best of you and your happiness.


Now breathe in and out for a slow and intentional 5 breaths. In……(breathe in for a count of 5)….and out (breathe out for a count of 5). Now repeat 4 more times while visualizing what you look like the moment you achieve your goal.

See yourself in that moment. Where are you when you realize you did it? What does it feel like? What sensations are you feeling in your body? Feel those sensations now. Breathe. Do you get goosebumps? Are tears of happiness welling up in your eyes? What does your stomach feel like? Do you feel lighter in your being? Breathe.


You are now on your way to actualizing your goals and dreams! Buh-bye stress!


Still, don’t have a goal? Then your goal is to figure out what your goals are – make that your intention today and go after it! Because life is too short and you deserve your best efforts. Now is a perfect time!


Don’t forget to articulate your goals often. This will help keep the stress level concerning your goal down. Literally say them aloud. Tell anyone who will listen. Write them on a post-it note and put them everywhere – even in the refrigerator and cabinets. The more you own it the less stress will have a chance to defeat you.


Don’t forget that every day is a step towards or away from you achieving your goals. We get to decide every moment what we will contribute to our lives and our goals. The journey is ours to lead. What will you choose to do today?


Now breathe deep again. You’ve got this!


Now that you have your goal identified and you have visualized the moment you achieve it….what is your process for mapping it out? How is that process working for you? Maybe it’s okay, but improving every day is what we do when we want to live our best life, yes? So let’s see if we can strengthen your process!

If your goal process isn’t working or if you don’t have a process for goal setting and planning, then suggest you get one asap. Either way – Tap To Read This.

Now breathe deep one last time.


Kindness + Health,


Team AAlite

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