Difficult Life Changes: 7 Things To Consider

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Change is one certainty in life that as an adult we should be accustomed to and not be overwhelmed or frustrated by. But, change can be challenging! Particularly when the changes that need to be made are with us.

Count yourself fortunate if you are able to self-reflect and find opportunities for positive growth in areas of your life. Many of us go most of our lives without the capacity to see that our biggest problems and issues in life start from within us.

The process of making changes in life is similar to the art of dance. It’s an ongoing, emotionally driven, and often intense form of dance. One where you are the lead to your partner (change) in the dance. When you want to lead your partner across the floor – you don’t force or shove them over…. you gently guide them to where you want to go. It’s a dance where you’ll find that you need to regain your balance time and again, but ultimately you continue to lead.  

So what do we need if we want to make a Life change?

1. Have patience with yourself. You have spent a long time developing who you are in this moment. Self-induced, long-term change does not happen overnight. 

2. Be 100% dedicated to the change. No more excuses. Your buy-in to the process is the first requirement and your dedication is the second. YOUR dedication and drive to succeed are two of the MOST important the keys to success.  

3. Teach your brain to become familiar with the new behavior. Your efforts may not feel immediately natural. When you start the process of change and even after you have practiced for a long time, it may feel at times to be imposter-ish and inauthentic. This is normal. Hence, the old adage, fake it til you make it.

Some days more than others, we all have to put on a face that we don’t want to wear. You likely already do this to some extent. For example, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and you don’t feel up to interacting with people but your work requires that you do. So you go in and put on your happiest face and make the most of it even if you are faking it, right? No harm done. Use this same tactic when you are making a change and eventually it will feel natural. What you are really doing is teaching your brain to be familiar with the new desired behavior or habit. 

4. Openmindedness is another thing you’ll need to have a good handle on when you want to make a change. You may have ideas about how the change process will go, but be prepared for things to go in unexpected ways! This is too is normal. It can feel frustrating when you want to control the process of change rather than simply allowing the process of change to happen. Make sure that you pay special attention to self-care at this time!

One way to take care of yourself is through self-compassion exercises like guided breathwork. I’ve made one just for you. Go ahead and grab it just below. 


5. Understand that your mind (or mindset) is your most powerful tool. Your mind is a goal-seeking machine that actually works better when it has a goal to move towards! With the right mindset, you’ll strengthen your resolve to stick with the desired change process. There will be something that you want MORE than the thing you are trying to change.

The kind of work we do in the Body Mind Total Reset program helps to restructure and open your mindset up to the process of change. You’re literally changing the way your brain operates through new neuronal pathways and receptors. If you only do ONE thing before you start your change process – work on your mindset you’ll get the biggest bang for your efforts!  

6. Understand that your actions (or lack of action) directly impact your success in making the desired change. It is ALL on you. Take action every day. When you do, you’ll defeat the number one killer of goal achievement – procrastination. Taking steps towards your goal every day (even small steps) will result in momentum and feelings of success which in turn will fuel you as you go. The only thing that creates momentum is action. 

Don’t worry with trying to be perfect in the process. Even if you NAIL it one day there will be other days that you don’t – so don’t get caught up in perfection rubbish. Don’t criticize yourself, but DO make sure to celebrate your progress wins because progress is what we’re aiming for here!

7. Be compassionate with yourself during the change process. You made a conscious decision to make the desired change. This fact alone is worth celebrating! 

You may feel like you are struggling from time to time. This is normal. Expect this. Also, you might feel like giving up some days because the process of changing IS hard. BUT, if your mindset is strong and your desire for the NEW behavior is powerful, then you will certainly succeed. If you find yourself stressed out just thinking about the process of changing read this.

change desires.

You have a deep desire to develop excellence

You believe in your heart that the life you dream IS possible…

You believe that you CAN do it. You are 100% correct.

When you’re ready, you’ll find the will to take action and gain momentum in making life changes that will lead you to achieve your greatness.

That’s specifically what we are prepared to help you accomplish.

Sometimes when we make a change, what we are really doing is creating a new habit. Check out our post on how to create a new habit click here.

Kindness + Health,


Team AAlite